It's a total cliche, but every mega-popular band started off playing smaller clubs. At, we want to give bands the tools to get fans to shows, and help clubs put butts in seats.

We live to serve musicians.

Our classifieds work! Users happily email us their success stories finding members using our classifieds. Use our show listing to get people out to your gigs. Use our industry listings to find manager, website designer, t-shirt supplier, or whatever else your band may need.

And, is always open to your ideas. Feel free to share them by visiting our contact page.


This is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions to If you have a question and can't find the answer here, feel free to email us.

Since this service is completely free, how do you keep it going?
    Well, its not really about money. The primary purpose is to promote Chicago music. But, I make money from selling the banner ads that you see on the website for a very small fee. If you're interested in reaching this very active audience, please visit the 'contact' page. :)

    It does cost me quite a bit personally and a ton of manpower hours each year to keep this website going. Any help is greatly appreciated. It is not always possible to fully rely on sponsored ads year round.

How can I change my listing once it is submitted?

    Select EDIT LISTING from any page on the website. Only the person who initially registered the band or someone with that original password can change the listing.

I registered my band. But now it's gone.

    There could be several reasons for this. 1) If an email address used to register a band comes back as undeliverable, I will delete the band listing assuming that it is a false listing. 2) There could have been a momentary glitch in the band database at the moment you entered your band. If you don't get an automatic return email when you register your band, odds are it won't get listed. 3) If you're not in the nearby area, odds are that your listing will be deleted.

I registered my band. How do I add our shows?

    Select ADD LISTING from any page on the website. Select ADD SHOW and fill out your information.

I made a mistake when entering my show, how do I change it?

    Use the EDIT LISTING option. You will then be able to change your band information, and if you scroll down, you will see a list of your shows on file that are available to change. You will need to know your password that you signed up with.

I forgot my password that I gave when I set up my band.

    No problem. Click HERE. The option will allow you to select your band/club/classified and the system will email the password to the person who originally created the listing.

The email I used when I signed up my band doesn't exist anymore and I can't get my password. What can I do?

    Email me through the contact page with some information that confirms that you are the person who registered the band and give me your new email. If I can confirm that it really is you, I'll update your email address and send you the password.

Where do you get your show listings?

    Bands and clubs enter their shows.

I want to change details of our show, but its not listed when I change my band info.

    All shows are keyed by ID#s. In order for your show to appear on your band page, your correct band ID# would have to be entered. If you failed to enter your band ID#, you won't have access to the show. You can email the webmaster to help you out.

I just entered my band/show/club/classified listing. Why doesn't it show up?

    It should appear immediately. You should also receive an automated reply. If you don't get the automated reply or if your listing does not show, please let me know.

I posted a classified listing. It was there, but now it's gone. What's up with that?

    I rarely censor classified listings, but I will delete ads if they're personal attacks or very inappropriate. I will also delete ads that don't fit the category they were posted in. If you post your ad to every category, I'll probably just delete them all instead of trying to figure out which category you really should have been listed in. Also, you MUST put in a valid email address when placing an ad. The system will automatically send you a confirmation. If the email you used comes back as undeliverable, your ad may be deleted. If users can't contact you, there's no point in placing the ad.
My event happens every week. Can I send in one listing and put 'every Wednesday'?
    The Event database is date-driven. It needs a new listing for each date. You will have to submit a new listing for each date. If your browser accepts cookies, all of your band and personal information will be retained to make it easier for you to enter multiple shows. All you would have to do is enter the new date and time. Plus, odds are that if you're event stops happening every week, you'll forget to change it here, and it will remain listed for eternity, and that's not a good thing.

Why don't you have (band/club/etc) listed on the site?

    Quite honestly, it's because the band/club hasn't signed up. It's up to each individual band/club to submit their information. If your favorite local band/club isn't listed, be sure to tell them about!

Why do you have (band/club) listed on the site? They broke up, closed, or changed their name years ago.

    I only know what I am told. I can't read minds! =)

I placed an classified ad and now I wish to change (or delete) it. What do I do?

    There are two ways you can do this:

    1. You can edit and/or delete your classified ad by using the EDIT LISTING menu option on any page.
    2. You can go to your classified listing page. Below your ad will be a place to enter the password to change the ad.

    Either way, you will need the password for the ad that you entered when you placed the ad.

Can I put a link to on our website?

    Sure, you can put a link on your own site. The more people that visit our site, the more people that can see and hear your music.

Why are some shows listed more than once?

    Sometimes each band on the bill will add the show, not knowing that another band has already added the show. Sometimes, a band makes a mistake in their listing and adds a new listing rather than fixing the original. Or simply because some people aren't too smooth using the Internet.

Band XYZ is using our name. We are Band XYZ. Can you delete them? Can you tell them to change their name?

    No. That's not my problem. How do I know you aren't the one using the name fraudulently? Contact the band directly through contact information information in their listing. If it is not listed, I will provide you with whatever contact information I have, if any. Once you have resolved it with the band, either your legal department or the other band should contact me to have it taken down.

I don't have a password but I need you to change (or delete) a listing.

    I'm more than happy to help, but I need to verify that you have the authority to have this done. If I can verify that you placed the listing, or are a member of the listing, I will comply with your request. If, for instance, you're a new member to the band since the band listing was made and not listed as a member on, I'll need either to see your name on the band's website, or a request from someone else in the band. If you are a manager or agent for a band, I'll somehow need proof of that. I cannot take down any listing simply because I'm told to do so. I need to verify the source of the request.

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